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What is MAR?

Mandatory Additional Requirement (MAR) is an integral part of the undergraduate (UG) course curriculum of Maulana Abul Kalam Azad University of Technology(MAKAUT), WB.
This is launched for the all-round development of the student of the university. MAKAUT introduced it in 2018-19 to promote extracurricular activities among students.

How to get MAR Point?

To get MAR points you need to Participate in those listed activities given by MAKAUT.
  1. Students will choose activities of their choice/interest and earn Activity Points for MAR.
  2. Certificates or proofs have to be produced by the students for each activity.
  3. After each academic year You will Submit that activity with certificate Proof to your CR or Campus Representative.
  4. At the end of the curriculum acknowledge all such activities. Activities are being added each year and accordingly updated record sheets are uploaded.
  5. Every student should upload his/her MAR activity data/certificate on social media, viz., Facebook/Instagram, which can be counted as part of the documentary evidence.

Activities in MAR

Participating in college programs and seminars, Social Developmental Activities, Environmental Protection (like tree plantation, spread awareness among people), Enrolment in Online courses, Actively participating in Webinars, undertaking Entrepreneurial Activities, and so on.

Why MAR is important?

The main goal of MAR is to ensure skill development among the students as well as letting them have some 1st hand field experience in social work.

MAR point Requirement

  •  A minimum of 25 MAR activity points must be achieved in each academic year by every student for qualifying in MAR, according to MAKAUT Notice.
  • Currently each student from 1st year to 4th year needs to score 100 marks, without which the certificate of course completion will not be given as per rule.
YEAR Total NEEDED Collected
1st year (admitted in academic yr. 2021-22) 100 100
2nd year (admitted in academic yr. 2020-21) 100 75 25
3rd year (admitted in academic yr. 2019-20) 100 50 50
4th year (admitted in academic yr. 2018-19) 100 75 25


Table 1: Minimum activity points required for B.Pharm. batches

B.Pharm. Batches Total Minimum Number of Activity Points to be earned during the full course
Batch 2020 100
Batch 2019 100
Batch 2019 Lateral Entry 75
Batch 2018 100
Batch 2017 75


1. MOOCS (SWAYAM/NPTEL/Spoken Tutorial/any technical, non-technical course) (per course) – (Max 40 Points)

SN Activity Activity Points
1(a) 12 weeks / 40 hours 20
1(b) 8 weeks / 30 hours 16
1(c) 4 weeks / 20 hours 10
1(d) 2 weeks / 10 hours 5


2. Tech Fest/Fest/Teachers Day/Fresher’s Welcome – (Max 16 Points)

SN Activity Activity Point
2(a) Organizer 5
2(b) Participant 3


3. Rural Reporting – (Max 10 Points)

SN Activity Activity Points
3(a) Participant 5


4. Tree Plantation and upkeeping (per tree) – (Max 10 Points)

SN Activity Activity Point
4(a) No. of Programs – (1 Point) 1


5. Participation in Relief Camps – (Max 40 Points)

SN Activity Activity Point
5(a) Collection of funds/ materials for the Relief Camp 5
5(b) To be a part of the Relief Work Team 20


6. Participation in Debate/Group Discussion/ Tech quiz /Quiz /Seminar /Painting /Music-Dance /any Performing Arts Workshop – (Max 32 Points)

SN Activity Activity Point
6(a) No. of Programs 10


7. Contribution to Charitable Trusts/Institutions in any form – (Max 32 Points)

SN Activity Activity Point
7(a) No. of Programs 20


8. Publication of Wall magazine institutional level – (Max 32 Points)

SN Activity Activity Point
8(a) Editor 10
8(b) Writer 6


9. Publication in News Paper, Magazine & Blogs – (Max 20 Points)

SN Activity Activity Point
9(a) No. of Programs 10


10. Research Publication (per publication) – (Max 30 Points)

SN Activity Activity Point
10(a) No. of Publication 15


11. Innovative project(other than course curriculum) – (Max 60 Points)

SN Activity Activity Point
11(a) No. of Programs 30


12. Blood donation – (Max 36 Points)

SN Activity Activity Point
12(a) Blood donation 8
12(b) Blood donation camp organization 10


13. Participation in Sports/Games – (Max 104 Points)

SN Activity Activity Point
13(a) College level 5
13(b) University level 10
13(c) District level 12
13(d) State Level 15
13(e) National/International level 20


14. Cultural Programme (Dance, Drama, Elocution, Music) – (Max 20 Points)

SN Activity Activity Point
14(a) No. of Programs 10




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