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Udemy New Free Courses with Free Certificate | Latest Courses | 2022 |

Hi Everyone, Here Udemy Launched New Free Courses with Free Certificate, and It’s 100% free of cost. So, Go through the Post below and Apply for it.

LIST OF Udemy Free Courses with Certificates for 2022

Course 1:    Network Security with Hands-on Labs

You’ll Learn:

  • Cyber security technologies, and precautions to be taken
  • VPN for security and privacy. (Hands-on)
  • Network security protocols.
  • URL filtering with applications.
  • Cybersecurity career paths.

Course 2:   Web application using Ruby On Rails – Aug 2022

You’ll Learn:

  • Connecting MySQL database with Ruby on Rails
  • Understand CRUD operation in Ruby on Rails
  • Creating Basic API using Ruby on Rails
  • Implementing Ajax with Ruby on Rails
  • Demo of a Login page using Ruby on Rails

Course 3: Introduction To Python Programming

 You’ll Learn:

  • Program Python
  • Know the basics of Python
  • Write their scripts, and functions

Course 4: Developing Web Application using Angular JS[Sept 2022]

You’ll Learn:

  • Learn Angular JS and its Key features
  • Setting up visual studio code IDE and configuring Angular JS
  • Understand how to create modules
  • Learn to create a webpage Using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
  • Learn working with Events and Forms in Angular JS
  • Angular JS Directives
  • Implementation of Angular JS AJAX and Routing
  • Learn how to use Angular JS to build a web application
  • Understanding the working of a simple webpage

Course 5:   English for beginners – Master ‘to be’ to speak good English

You’ll Learn:

  • Master ‘to be’ and be CONFIDENT using it to speak English.
  • You will learn why the verb ‘to be’ is essential if you want to speak good English.
  • You will learn how to use the verb ‘to in everyday life.
  • We show you how to structure simple sentences, questions, and negative form sentences. You practice immediately with the native speaker and me.
  • If you follow our instructions, you can talk about yourself, your friends, your family, and other things.
  • You will practice speaking through about 90% of this course.


Course 6:   The Ultimate Beginners Guide to Python Programming

You’ll Learn:

  • Learn the basic syntax of Python programming language quickly and easily
  • Solve practice exercises after each practical topic
  • Implement the leading Python operators: mathematical, logical, relational, and conditional
  • Create looping structures – “for” and “while” commands
  • Learn how to implement functions
  • Understand and implement the main Python collections, such as tuples, lists, dictionaries, and sets

Course 7:   NodeJS Course For Beginners With Express and MongoDB

You’ll Learn:

  • Learn About NodeJS
  • Learn How to create Backend Applications with NodeJS
  • Create Servers With MongoDB
  • Build More Than 5 POWERFUL & ADVANCE REST APIs

Course 8:  Learn CI/CD Pipeline With Jenkins, Python, Docker, DockerHub

You’ll Learn:

  • Knowledge about Continuous Integration & Continuous Delivery
  • Execute Docker comes from Jenkins
  • Create a CI/CD Pipeline with Jenkins
  • Execute shell cmds from Jenkins on a remote server

Course 9:   An Introduction to Medical Writing

You’ll Learn:

  • Learn what the day-to-day job of a medical writer is like
  • Decide if medical writing is a good choice for you
  • Learn what types of opportunities are available in the medical writing business
  • Learn what type of background you need to be successful in medical writing

Course 10:  Power BI For Beginners: Introduction To Data Visualization

You’ll Learn:

  • Get to know the different tools of the Power BI universe and learn how to use them
  • Understand Power BI Desktop and its components
  • Learn how to filter and format data, and how pivoting and unpivoting works
  • How to work in the different views of the Data Model
  • How to create calculated columns and measures
  • How to build relationships between different tables
  • How to create a report with different interactive visualization types

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Course 11:   MailerLite email marketing: The fastest way to email mastery

You’ll Learn:

  • Create email marketing campaigns for your business
  • Build forms and popups to collect subscribers
  • Manage subscriber groups and build targeted email lists
  • Design beautiful emails and newsletters, then save them as templates for easy reuse
  • Automate emails that are triggered by subscribers
  • Discover key metrics that show campaign performance
  • Use A/B testing to quickly identify the best version of your email
  • Increase email effectiveness with personalized messages
  • Start using MailerLite and import your existing subscribers

Course 12:   Microsoft Powerpoint BootCamp Storytelling-Design-Animation

You’ll Learn:

  • Learn to define a framework of presentation -The WWH Rule
  • Learn to Create a master slide
  • Learn about effective fonts and color themes
  • Learn to use charts, animation, transitions, layout, smart arts, and shapes

Course 13:  Python OOP – Object Oriented Programming for All Levels

You’ll Learn:

  • The principles of Object Oriented Programming (OOP) using Python
  • Define instance attributes and class attributes. Learn their differences.
  • Understand how classes work and how you can create instances from classes.
  • How do the elements of Object Oriented Programming work behind the scenes?
  • Implement and call methods. Understand their purpose within classes.
  • Practice key aspects of OOP such as Docstrings and Special Methods.

Course 14:  Getting Started with Raspberry Pi

You’ll Learn:

  • Learn how to use Raspberry Pi and create awesome projects.
  • Learn how to program in Python, control electronics
  • This course will help you get started with Raspberry Pi and make your first project.
  • Get the best learning experience and the highest quality training materials for your needs.
  • Learn how to set up your Raspberry Pi and start programming in no time.
  • Learn to build your own projects with a Raspberry Pi.
  • You will learn how to use the Raspbian operating system
  • You will learn how to set up your Raspberry Pi and use it for basic computing tasks.
  • You will also learn how to use the GPIO pins on the Raspberry Pi to control hardware.

Course 15:   MLOps for Beginners

You’ll Learn:

  • The current State of AI
  • How MLOps alleviates challenges faced in AI implementation
  • AI Model Lifecycle
  • Introduction to ML Platforms

Course 16:   A Practical Guide to Math for Beginner and Intermediate

You’ll Learn:

  • A step-by-step guide to overcoming math anxiety
  • Simplify quadratic and simultaneous equations
  • Practical solutions to math problems
  • Learn how to solve exponential and logarithm problem
  • Simplify mechanics, vectors, motion, force diagrams etc
  • learn practical ways to solve compound, simple interest, present value, and lots more
  • Series and Sequence problems

Course 17:   Assessment in Higher Education

You’ll Learn:

  • Understanding what assessments are in the higher education context
  • Have a thorough understanding of key concepts in the assessment of/for learning
  • Know the importance of assessments in higher education
  • Know and distinguish between the different types of assessments
  • Have basic knowledge of the levels of learning in Bloom’s Taxonomy
  • Understands how assessments take place in higher education
  • To clearly understand the set principles of good assessment
  • To clearly understand the benefits of good assessment

Course 18:  Learn English Grammar Tenses and Structure From Scratch-Free

You’ll Learn:

  • Understand the basic part of sentences & the relation between ” Verbs and Tenses “.
  • Know when and how to use the present simple tense
  • Know when and how to use the present continuous tense
  • Know when and how to use the present perfect tense
  • Know when and how to use the present perfect continuous tense
  • Know when and how to use the past simple tense

Course 19:  Three.js – The Complete Beginner to Advanced Course

You’ll Learn:

  • Learn the Basic to Advance of Threejs with 5+ Projects and many Exercises.
  • Learn the best practices and code structure for the smooth functioning of your web pages.
  • Learn to build Metaverse, Create your own City & Forest and learn to host threejs projects on the server.
  • Learn about the Threejs Scene, Camera, and Renderer
  • Explore Materials and Geometry Objects provided by threejs
  • Learn about the Stats and Dat GUI panels in Threejs to customize the 3D model using it.
  • Explore the unexplored in threejs

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