You are currently viewing Top Udemy Free Courses with Free Certificate | Free Courses | 2022|

Top Udemy Free Courses with Free Certificate | Free Courses | 2022|

Hi, Everyone, If you want Free courses and a career counseling certificate, then you are on the right path. Here we will talk about recent Udemy free Courses. all the details given below go through and apply.

List of the Udemy Courses 2022:

Courses 1:  Docker and Kubernetes for React JS developers 2022

You’ll Learn: 

  • Learn the fundamentals of Docker and Kubernetes
  • Learn how to write a docker file
  • Learn how to create and run the docker container
  • Learn how to publish a docker image to the docker hub
  • Learn how to create react app
  • Learn how to create a Kubernetes cluster using minikube
  • Learn how to develop and run Kubernetes pods
  • Learn how to build self-healing and HA apps using replicas
  • Learn how to create a different kinds of Kubernetes objects like pods, models, services, and deployments
  • Learn how to do quick updates and easily rollback
  • Learn how to make the scalable app

Courses 2:  Scripting practices with Python and Blender

You’ll Learn:

  • How to use the scripting section of blender
  • Create objects from vertices, edges, and faces
  • Basic use of the libraries by and mesh to access the blender API
  • Create a Blender Addon and assign it a custom menu item
  • Implement a parametric formula to create a rose curve

Courses 3:  DevOps Incident Management

You’ll Learn:

  • DevOps Incident Management
  • Incident Management Benefits
  • Incident Management Advantages
  • Incident Management In DevOps and SRE

Courses 4: Machine Learning Practical Course: Build Real World Projects

You’ll Learn:

  • Real-life case studies and projects to understand how things are done in the real world
  • Implement Machine Learning Algorithms
  • Learn to create machine learning models
  • Learn best practices for real-world data sets.

Courses 5:  Financial Management – Preparing for Adulthood

You’ll Learn:

  • Define and explain different types of bank accounts.
  • Identify and Label the Parts of a Check
  • Detect and Explain the differences between debit and credit.
  • Understand and correctly complete a deposit or withdrawal slip to complete banking transactions.
  • Understand the steps necessary to open a bank account.
  • Identify steps one can take to develop a positive credit history.
  • Create a budget based on self-priorities and financial needs/wants.


Courses 6:  Observability at Scale

You’ll Learn:

  • Logging, Monitoring, Tracing
  • Observability Types
  • Observability Benefits
  • Observability Implementation

Courses 7:  Git & GitHub Course [2022]

You’ll Learn:

  • How git and GitHub work
  • Understanding git from basic to advance.
  • Learning and understanding the working directory and staged area
  • Why branches exist, the idea about using them efficiently.

Courses 8: Python Automation for Beginners

You’ll Learn:

  • How to Download and Install Python
  • Understand an IDE (PyCharm) – Set Up and Basics
  • Understand an Automation Package in Python (PyAutoGUI)
  • Complete 3 Fun Automation Projects (Automated Drawing, TikTok Bot & Chrome Dinosaur Bot)
  • Complete 2 Extra Automation Courses (Spam Bot & Typing Test Bot)

Courses 9:  Canva For Beginners: Level Up Your Content Creation Skill

You’ll Learn: 

  • Fundamental of Graphics design and Illustration.
  • Essential Graphics Design Skill.
  • Eye-catchy content creation for Social Media.
  • Discover how to create a positive impression with your product mockup / POD designs.
  • Stand out your Brand on social platforms with attractive logos and creative social posts.
  • Create audience engagement with promotional content.
  • Boost Brand Identity and Loyalty.

Courses 10:  Beginners Guide to Implementing Neural Networks with Keras

You’ll Learn:

  • Introduced to Colab by Google
  • How to Implement Deep Neural Network
  • How to Implement Convolutional Neural Network
  • How to Implement Recurrent Neural Network
  • How to Implement Complex Neural Network which has both CNN and RNN layers

Courses 11:  Manual API testing for Beginners

You’ll Learn:

  • Ready to perform Manual & Automation testing of the API using Postman
  • Use Postman to automate various parts of the API Testing process
  • Detailed understanding of REST, REST architectural constraints, client-server architecture, and HTTP request-response pair
  • Testing of the POST, GET, PUT, and DELETE requests
  • Basic knowledge about RESTful APIs and JSON

Courses 12:  How to read SOC(System and Organization Controls) 1 Reports

You’ll Learn:

  • Understand what SOC reports are and guidance to read a SOC 1 Report
  • Identify different sections of the SOC 1 report and their significance
  • How SOC reports can be used to assess a vendor
  • Apply the learnings to read any SOC 1 report

Courses 13: Learning GitHub Actions

You’ll Learn:

  • Introduction to GitHub Actions
  • GitHub Actions Workflow Nuts & Bolts
  • DevOps Practices
  • Designing CICD pipeline in GitHub
  • Infra as Code deployment with GitHub actions

Courses 14:  SQL For Data Analysis

You’ll Learn:

  • Basic SQL Commands
  • Joins in SQL
  • Aggregations
  • Writing Subqueries
  • Data Cleaning in SQL

Courses 15:  Harvard Free Courses Online | 140 Free Courses

You’ll Learn:

  • Harvard free courses in Art & Design
  • Harvard free courses in Business
  • Harvard free courses in Computer Science
  • Harvard free courses in Data Science
  • Harvard free courses in Education & Teaching
  • Harvard free courses in Health & Medicine
  • Harvard free courses in Humanities
  • Harvard free courses in Mathematics
  • Harvard free courses in Programming
  • Harvard free courses in Science
  • Harvard free courses in Social Sciences

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