You are currently viewing Top 10 Tips to Crack SSB Interview in First Attempt | The ways to Crack SSB Interview |

Top 10 Tips to Crack SSB Interview in First Attempt | The ways to Crack SSB Interview |

Hello Friends! Here We Will Talk About the Interviews conducted by the Services Selection Board (SSB) are used as part of the selection process for various jobs in the defence sector. Therefore, if your goal is to attend the SSB 2023 -2024 interview and succeed the very first time you try, you should read this post.

What are the questions asked in SSB Interview?

It is said that a fresher candidate has the brightest chance of clearing the SSB interview. The truth of this sentence is still not found, yet each one of us wants to clear the SSB on our first attempt. Here are ten golden tips which will help you in clearing this prestigious interview on your first attempt.

The SSB (Services Selection Board) Interview is a method of selection for various defence positions. The SSB interview in 2022 – 23 is not going to be simple to pass. In-depth testing is administered to candidates over the five- to the six-day interview process to evaluate their personality, attributes, mental capacity, social behavior, psychology, physical strength, and a variety of other characteristics.

Therefore, if you want to pass the SSB interview in 2022 on your first try, this is the post for you. To learn how to get ready for each of the SSB examinations and stages, read the complete article below.

Crack SSB Interview in 1st Attempt

1. Don’t be nervous

Nervousness can be your biggest enemy in the SSB. Prepare well before and beat the nervousness. There is no use in being nervous, it is not a war, take is just like a simple interview, go like a roaring tiger and clear it!

2. Practice makes everyone perfect

Practicing will make you better and nearly perfect, it is advisable to practice for the Psych Tests well before, this is so because these tests are done under a very strict time constraint, if you are practicing for them in advance; it’ll help you a lot in managing the time there. Also, practice speaking in English, it is very important that you are fluent enough in English to converse with the Interviewer and speak in GD and Lecturette.

3. The ‘be positive’ funda

SSB is all about a positive attitude, so be it your psych tests, interview, GT Series, or anything else, be positive. Your personality should reflect that you are an assertive person, right from your answers in psych tests to your personality and behavior in GT and Interviews.

4. Friendliness with your group

Being friendly with your group is very important since there are almost 7-8 tasks which you have to do as a group and where it counts whether or not your group likes you. Since the testing is done in groups hence it is important that each one in your group likes you. Be friendly and non-judgmental towards others.

5. Read Current Affairs Every Day

It is always important to be aware of the things going on around you. As a citizen, it is vital that you are aware of the general things happening and has knowledge and understanding about the same. So don’t miss out on the daily dose of current events. General awareness questions are also put in GDP, especially something about your state and town. So read all the current affairs.

6. Knowing yourself and the things around you

It is necessary for the interview that you know yourself well, be prepared with all the data about yourself, like your grades, achievements and good/bad qualities, etc. Similarly, you must be aware of the details about your family like their occupation, good/bad points, etc. Make sure that you know in detail about your hobbies or the games you have played.

7. Don’t ignore your background knowledge of academics

You should brush up on the things that you have read in your 12th or graduation. There are chances that the interviewer might ask you something related to it. If you are from a technical background then do know about the same because there might be a question that is put in PI.

8. Dress up

Your dress-up is important in casting a good impression in front of others. Be careful about what you are choosing to wear. You have to be dressed appropriately according to the occasion. Hence choose your dress wisely; there are guidelines available for both men and women on what they can wear in SSB.

9. Physical fitness

You have to undergo long hours of tasks which will be tiring and exhausting; however, you’ll not realize this in the josh! You have to be physically fit since you have to do physical tasks as well. Be careful of the way you walk and sit, don’t look lazy from your gait. If you’ll be physically fit your personality will reflect that. It is advisable to do some running/light exercise regularly.

10. Overconfidence will make you pay

Being confident is one thing and being overconfident is completely the opposite. Your overconfidence will eat up all your chances of success. Hence be confident but not overconfident.

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