You are currently viewing Government of India Launched Salesforce Commerce Cloud Frontend Developer | FutureSkill & NASSCOM | Free Certification Course |

Government of India Launched Salesforce Commerce Cloud Frontend Developer | FutureSkill & NASSCOM | Free Certification Course |

Course Provider

Salesforce Commerce Cloud – Frontend Developer

Course Highlight

  • This course will help you build a Salesforce Commerce application for B2C and specializes you in Frontend development skills for UI and UX.
  • There is a resource crunch in the salesforce commerce space with almost more than half a million SF developers and Architects and also a huge opportunity in the Digital space when industries are going online in both B2C and B2B space, the course will open multiple opportunities for existing talent crunched market.
  • Eligible for GOVT. OF INDIA Incentives

What will you learn in this course?

You will be able to learn Client-side development and will be able to implement various industries solutions on DTC, B2C, and B2B business models. The focus is on providing insight into technology and its development platform Client-side development with a focus on UI and UX

Course Details:

  • skill-type-icon Skill typeEmerging Tech
  • domain-icon DomainWeb, Mobile Development & Marketing
  • course-category-icon Course CategoryDeepskilling Course
  • course-category-icon Placement AssistanceYes
  • certified-earned-icon Certificate earnedJoint Co-Branded Participation Certificate & Partner Completion certificate
  • ssc-assesment-icon SSC NASSCOM AssessmentAvailable
  • course-covered-icon Course Covered under GoI IncentiveYes

 Course Price:   FREE   till 31st Mar 2023

 Course Duration:  200 Hours

Why should you take this course?

The course should be taken to be updated with the latest cloud computing SAAS and PAAS based product – Salesforce and stay updated with the latest industries moving to Digital – be it D2C or B2C

Who should take this course?

The course can be taken by Fresh graduates with know-how in full-stack technologies like JavaScript, HTML, CSS, jQuery, or Nodejs. Or even can be taken by experienced technologist working on Full-stack technologies or in existing commerce industries or CRM technologies


  • Introduction to Backend skills (JavaScript, HTML CSS, etc.)
  • SFRA Student Guide
  • SFRA Frontend development

Tools you will learn in the course

  • Salesforce
  • Full stacks
  • SFRA



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